Financing at Town Line Motorsports.

Town Line Motorsports Finance Department

At Town Line Motorsports, we are powersports enthusiasts, and there's nothing we enjoy more than helping our customers find the kind of fun and adventure that a quality motorcycle or other powersports vehicle can bring. If you're considering financing your new CFMOTO, KYMCO, or other powersports vehicle, you're in good hands with our finance department. We are thrilled to get the opportunity to help you set up a financing plan that gets you out on the road and into the outdoors as soon as possible in the Westerlo area.

Guilt-Free Shopping - get an instant loan decision without impacting your credit score.

We are so excited to offer our new soft credit pull to our customers interested in purchasing a new machine. Most consumers think when they apply for financing they get a pulled credit report that comes along with a ding to their FICO score. That's not completely true, our soft credit pull program can check your credit report without any effect on your FICO score. It’s a light touch on credit with all the same benefits, minus all of the risk! 

Whether you have a great credit score and want to keep it that way, or you are building your credit and don’t want to be bumped to a lower credit tier, a soft credit pull is an opportunity to shop without any repercussions.

Let’s say you don't know if you'll be approved and are worried about applying. A soft pull is a nice and easy way to see where you stand before going for the hard pull. Or maybe you want to compare the rates you can get on different units- you can do that with no regrets! There are absolutely no hard pulls until you generate a contract.


Our knowledgeable finance staff is here to make the process of purchasing a new motorcycle or other powersports vehicle easy, so don't put off your dreams. To get a quote, apply now. Our staff will contact you about our available financing options.